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The One Carrying the Dream is the first chapter of the Shin Chūka Ichiban! manga, and within Volume 1.



Mao and Shiro are travelling to Guangzhou to meet Chouyu and Mei Li once more. They arrive in a location named Chicken town during the town's great chicken cook-off event.

Shiro is caught by Tia helping himself to fruit, but he and Mao are invited for dinner. In the morning they wonder come across a black chicken that Tia says is what killed her brother from overwork it took to raise them.

Hearing the story, Mao inspects the chicken and asks Tia to allow him to take part in the great chicken cook-off tomorrow. He intends to make Tia's brothers dreams a reality.

The event is underway and people are aghast at the black chickens brought by Mao. Shiro assists in the preparation of the overall dish and the judging phase is entered. By using rice cooked within the black chicken and cooked thoroughly with herbs the flavour was able to come out.

Revealing the chicken used to be the black chicken, Mao shares that although internally black as well the chicken has health benefits and is extremely rare. Emphasising the positive aspects of the bird results in the judges agreeing with its realised beauty and believe henceforth it should be viewed as the chicken of good fortune.

Asking who he is, the judges recognise the seal on Mao's jacket.

With her fortunes more promising with the change in perspective, Tia takes Mao to her brothers grave to tell him the good news. There, Mao finds Chouyu who praises his growth.