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Three Types of Eggs is the second chapter of the Shin Chūka Ichiban! manga, and within Volume 1.



Mao arrives in Guangzhou city, where by lunchtime the kitchen has transformed into a battlefield as he, Chouyu and Mei Li prepare dishes. Shiro is assisting, whilst master Ruou is also present.

With Chouyu and Ruou needing to attend a meeting of the Guangdong Chef's Association, Mao is left in charge.

Shiro and Mei Li are not on particularly friendly terms before Shiro is called to bring bamboo steamers to assist in the cooking process. With Mao going to get some seasonings, Shiro takes it upon himself to prepare the next dish.

Arriving back, Mao samples what Shiro made, before they hear the furious response of the customer. He orders Mao to bring him the person who fried the vegetables, but Mao takes the blame upon himself and says he is responsible.

Offering to make it up to him by preparing any dish the customer would like, the offer is accepted and Mao is to make three types of eggs where the flavour is fully brought out in each.

Bringing the bamboo steamers out, Mao presents shumai which features chicken, duck and crab roe eggs. Impressed with the results, Shell, the dim sum chef introduces himself and he challenges Mao to a shumai showdown.