Shumai's Final Form is the fourth chapter of the Shin Chūka Ichiban! manga, and within Volume 1.

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Centrifugal force is used by Mao to flatten out his dough wrapper which impresses Mei Li and Shell. The latter thinks he cannot lose, Mao has no idea of what Shell has discovered.

To make the only perfect form of shumai in this world, Shell makes use of jinhua ham. He uses rods to mash the meat into a pulp using all his strength.

Seeing this, Shiro thinks they are done for but Mao consoles him that he has a trick hidden up his sleeve. However Shell presents Ruou with fifty servings complete. Not only that, he has a golden ratio of fillings in the shumai.

Those gathered are impressed by the proclaimed ultimate dim sum chef. Meanwhile Mao had a same idea of using four fillings, but feels he cannot compete with the golden ration Shell used.

With that, Mao sweeps what he made off the table and begins anew.

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