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Chou Mei Li is one of the main characters of the Chūka Ichiban! series. The only daughter of Chouyu, whilst she spends time journeying with Mao searching for the legendary utensils she comes to develop feelings for him.


Mei Li overview.png

She has long reddish-brown hair that reaches down to her back. Mei Li's fringe is long but parted to keep her face visible.

She wears a pink top bound at the waist with a dark yellow fabric. In addition to a long green dress reaching near her feet, Mei Li also wears emerald green colored jewelry such as rounded earrings and a green pendant.


Mei Li can be sweet or serious depending on who she is interacting with. She shows concern for Mao on his cooking abilities, to impatience at Shiro being around. When appearing disheartened she isolated herself to think contemplatively.


Shin Chūka Ichiban![]

Mei Li is thought about by Mao as he travels to rejoin her.

In a restaurant working together, she comes across and reprimands Shiro.

Witnessing the cook off between Mao and Shell, she appears worried at Mao's chances of winning when he suddenly begins his cooking from scratch.

Afterwards as Mao and those gathered happily enjoy the merry atmosphere of the contest, Mei Li stands alone.

Later that night as she beholds the gem in a pendant she wears, Mei Li is surprised with Mao gifting her souvenirs he brought.

Wondering who could be in the kitchen late at night, Wei Li comes across Mao preparing the dinner service. She is content to bite into what is dim sum shaped like a peach that was presented to her.


Liu Mao Xing[]

Mao met Mei Li when he started his apprenticeship at Yang Spring Restaurant. Though neither of them openly admitted it, they both have feelings for each other. Mei Li insisted to join Mao's journey to collect the Legendary Utensils.


She initially has a negative impression of Shiro and comes to view him as Mao's new sidekick instead of herself.


Her father who she views as the ultimate cooking maniac. She has heard he was mixed up in all sorts of stuff in his younger days.


Mei Li befriended with Leon when he was doing apprenticeship at Yang Spring Restaurant.

Tang San Jie[]

Mei Li befriended with San Jie when he was doing apprenticeship at Yang Spring Restaurant. Just like other employees, Mei Li sees him as a slacker.


  • The pendant Mei Li is wearing is a gift from Mao.[1]


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