The Legendary Cookware (伝説の厨具 Densetsu no Chugu) are a set of eight magical utensils that serve as the primary focus in Shin Chūka Ichiban!.

History[edit | edit source]

In ancient times, a meteorite fell from the sky and was discovered by Master Chef Shui Lei. He crafted high-class eight cooking utensils from the meteorite where they brought an astonishing impact in the world of cooking. But the utensils were so powerful that Shui Lei had to hide them in separate locations of China to avoid conflict.

The powers are described to be adiaphorous, saying that the dragon's will is divine to weigh good against evil. Thus if the utensil judges its wielder to be worthy, the produced food if utilized good can bring great results that brings happiness all around.

However, if the utensils fall into the wrong hands, the powers can become destructive that could devastate all of China. If worse, should the utensils be abused for other purposes other than cooking, the powers will diminish.

Description[edit | edit source]

Due to the mysterious unknown properties of the meteorite, the eight utensils were to contain immense mystical powers where its unique significance is complying that each possesses its own will.

Thus depending on its chosen user, the utensils' powers have mystical effects on the food it was utilized. The restoration effects apply to the utensils themselves should they be rusted or fossilized for millennia, the dragon's will can restore the utensil to its original state when in contact with a worthy successor.

Known Utensils[edit | edit source]

  • The bold characters define those in current.
Name Location Successor(s) Properties
Ever-Soul Knife Big Angelic Temple, Guangzhou Liu Mao Xing
Flavor Restoration
Coiled Dragon Pot Shanghai Liu Mao Xing Accelerated Fementation
Holy Copperware Jiu Hua Mountains Liu Mao Xing
Wong Seiyo
Moistening Dry Foods

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