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Liu Mao Xing is the main character of Chūka Ichiban!. He is the youngest super chef in history at thirteen years old, and has a sense of taste and imagination extraordinary compared to ordinary people.


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He has black hair, thick eyebrows, and same colored eyes.

Mao wears a red bandana style headwear piece. In addition a large long sleeved coat and large baggy pants that reach his shins meeting the top of his brown boots. Overall Mao's clothing is largely red and white colored, with a light blue band around his left arm, and yellow decorative patterns in areas.


Meticulous in preparing dishes, he often reveals unconventional foods that surprise those eating them. He is very proud of his cooking as he was taught by his mother Pai. He was very defensive when a chef from the Yang Spring Restaurant insulted his mother's cooking. This was in response to Mao's failed dish. However he is humble and reflected on why Chouyu and his chefs refused to eat his vegetables, being able to create the dish sucessfully the next day. Mao is very kind such as taking the blame to prevent Shiro getting into trouble, to sharing gifts with Mei Li when he noticed she looked sad.


Shin Chūka Ichiban![]

Mao is travelling to Guangzhou with Shirou, half a year ago he completed the first stage of his culinary training at the Yousen Shuka Restaurant.

Arriving at chicken town, he comes across Tia and takes part in preparing a black chicken to win the annual competition.

Preparing dishes in the kitchen at Guangzhou, Mao takes the blame for a dish Shirou made which was chastised by a customer. Offering to make it up to him, Mao prepares three eggs which satisfies Shell, and is challenged to a cooking match by him.

With Shell creating something he had in mind, Mao begins from the start with half the time left. His creation is one large shumai involving every last part of a pig to win the contest.

His cooking skills are complimented by Shell and he agrees to another contest when they meet again. Noticing Mei Li looking down, he later brings her souvenirs and prepares peach shaped dim sum to surprise her the day before her birthday.

Summoned by invitation, he realises the food they are eating contains poison dart frog and finds the Masked Chef behind the mass paralysis of the guests.


Mei Li[]

Mao met Mei Li when he started his apprenticeship at Yang Spring Restaurant. Though neither of them openly admitted it, they both have feelings for each other. They would spend their day off together. Mao made peach-filled buns as a gift for her fifteenth birthday.[1]

Mao also felt jealous when Jochi was flirting with Mei Li but he acted as if he doesn't care.


Mao deeply respects him as his master.


Mao is very close with her sister.


Mao respects his mother as a chef and he can't bear the thought that her mother cooking would lost forever had anyone else took over Kikkaro Restaurant. In the past, he also helped tasting Pai's attempts in creating new recipes.


A companion he met on his trip, they share a goal of working on their culinary skills. Shiro is also Mao's self-proclaimed disciple.


Approached by him in the restaurant he is working in, Mao prepares him three types of eggs before being challenged to a cooking contest by him. He was awed by Shell's capabilities when it came to cooking and tells him he had never had such an enjoyable cooking contest.

Tang San Jie[]

Mao's senior in Yang Spring Restaurant. San Jie gave Mao his wok when he left the restaurant and Mao would carries the wok everywhere with him.


Growing up together, they would quarrel until Pai had to stop them. Mao despises Shouan as he believes his mother died because of him.



  • Mao always think while sitting cross-legged.
  • According to Karin, if Mao wears his head scarf in a manner that covers his forehead, it means he is stressed over something.[2].
  • Mao is said to be favored by Heaven.


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