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Shin Chūka Ichiban! (真・中華一番!; "True ver. - The best in Chinese (food)!") is the second anime adaptation of Chūka Ichiban!. It aired beginning on October 11, 2019. At the end of Episode 12 a sequel was announced.


In China during the nineteenth century, Liu Mao Xing has passed the Super Chef Exam, becoming the youngest person to ever do so. At the recommendation of his teacher, Chouyu, he travels around Southwest China with his friends Mei Li and Shiro then returning to Guangzhou he befriends Shell and Leon.

He is fighting again the back culinary world with the ambition to dominate people by cooking. At the same time Liu seeks to know the secrets of the eight legendary tools that are said to protect the Chinese cuisine world.

Episodes and Air Dates[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Episodes to be announced.

Production Staff[]

  • Screenplay: ITSUROU Kawasaki
  • Director: ITSUROU Kawasaki
  • Animation Director: Saki Hasegawa, Hitoshi Kamata
  • Art Director: Nakahara Eiju


Opening themes[]

  • "Kōfukuron" by Qajiff

Ending themes[]

  • "Paradigm Shift" by Brian the Sun