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Shiro is a character in the Chūka Ichiban! series, he is one of Mao's friends who he travels with throughout Southwest China.


Shiro overview.png

He has a dark beige colored like material tied in a bow on the side to keep his dark hair out of his face. Shiro has small eyes and eyebrows and a cross shaped scar on the right side of his face.

For clothing, he wears a pale blue scarf and identically colored wrist bands as well as a darker blue shirt and near black pants that end at his shins.


Adventurous, Shiro travels with Mao. Between stealing and starving he is willing to take food to eat. He diligently carries out his duties but also takes the initiative to prepare food for customers when Mao was absent. Shiro has a supportive disposition in general.


Shin Chūka Ichiban![]

Shiro is walking with Mao before they come across Chicken Town. He helps himself to some fruit he finds on a tree to alleviate his hunger.

After spending the night at an inn, he helps Mao prepare a black chicken to win a cooking contest.

Making his way to both their destination, Shiro works in the kitchen and thinks to prepare a meal himself.

Coming across Chouyu creating a large ice sculpture of a dragon, Shiro then discovers a letter jammed into the door.


Liu Mao Xing[]

His travelling companion and mentor, Shiro shares his goal of improving his culinary skills. Shiro supports him during his cooking and is the only one to believe Mao could still win in the contest against Shell.

Chou Mei Li[]

He does not at first see eye to eye with Mei Li, Shiro feels his cooking skills are better than what she gives him credit for.


It was Shell who Shiro prepared vegetables for, where he was able to tell that Shiro had missed a stage in the preparation.

Cooking Style[]

Although Shiro is just a chef-in-training, he possesses some fundamentals through his 3 years of training whereas his character matures as the series progresses. His tasting is judgmentally precise during Mao and Lien's contest, through Mao's advice alone.


  • Shiro has mixed blood with a Chinese father and a Japanese mother.
  • He has a habit to pick his nose.